BREAKING NEWS– The San Francisco Civil Grand JuryCindy Chew12/13/09A Muni train passes through Castro Station on Sunday.released a report this morning trashing Muni’s current plan for the Central Subway project. The Central Subway plan would extend rail service to Chinatown, and has received backing from many San Francisco officials. The title of the Grand Jury report says it all-“Central Subway: Too much money for too little benefit.”

The Civil Grand Jury determined that the project needs to be redesigned. The Civil Grand Jury worried that the line would exacerbate Muni’s deficit, maintenance resources, and on-time performance rates. The grand jury also criticized the proposed rail line route, stating that the line could better serve both the centralsubwayFinancial District as well as Chinatown if redesigned.

Read the report for yourself. Since the Grand Jury is the original version of deliberative democracy and crowd sourcing, we follow their work closely and we’ll keep you updated.