Just had the pleasure of casting my ballot at City Hall for the June 5 election in San Francisco. My mom and dad, Susan and our two girls joined me.

Voting is something special for all of us. But for my parents, who are immigrants to this country, it is something they take very seriously. If you have ever lived somewhere you can’t vote, it makes this right and privilege of voting all the more special.

Today is one of the last days to mail in your absentee ballot – so if you vote by mail, please return your ballot today. This Thursday is really the last absolutely safe day to mail your ballot – since your absentee ballot must be received by the Elections Department by 8:00 pm on Election Day. (It doesn’t matter when it is postmarked – it must arrive before the polls close on Election Day).

You can always vote at City Hall between 8 in the morning and 5 at night any day between now and June 5. City Hall is open for early voting this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

Or you can vote at the polls this Tuesday, June 5th between 7am and 8pm. You can find your polling place here. If you have not mailed your absentee ballot before Thursday, take it with you and drop it off at your polling place to make sure it is counted.

However you vote – early at City Hall, by mail or at the polls – please don’t forget to vote in the June 5th Primary Election. If you want to see where trusted groups stand on the campaigns and candidates, you can check out the endorsements of the Sierra Club, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Bay Guardian, Harvey Milk LGBT Club or San Francisco Women’s Political Committee.

Phil Ting is the founder of Reset San Francisco and a candidate for California State Assembly in District 19. Learn more about his campaign at www.PhilTing.com