By: Miriam E. Marks

Last week, in a move that is a true poster child of Government 2.0, California residents were officially able to complete their voter registration forms online. Californians are quickly taking advantage of the new system and the tremendous convenience it offers.

According to Secretary of State Debra Bowen, 10,000 people registered to vote on September 19th, the first day of online registration authorized by a bill written by San Francisco’s own State Senator Leland Yee and signed by Governor Jerry Brown. Most of those were young people, an important development given that CA residents aged 30 years or younger make up the largest group of unregistered voters in the state.

The numbers continue to swell. In the first week of online registration, about 110,000 CA residents registered to vote. These statistics likely mean higher participation in the November 6th election and greater civic engagement across California.

After all, the best way for us to control the policy decisions that affect our lives is to vote – on state propositions, city mayors, and local board officials. By voting we can hold officials accountable for their actions and make sure that government is open and efficient. This is a fundamental part of Gov 2.0 and what we believe at Reset SF.

What can you do? Pull out your smartphone, open up your laptop, or power on your desktop and register to vote! Already registered? Talk to your friends, relatives, and co-workers about the importance of voting, and make sure they register too!

It’s never been easier to register, so don’t wait! Registration closes at midnight on October 22nd.