UPDATE: It is now too late to mail your vote-by-mail/absentee ballot for the November 2012 Election. Please return your ballots to any polling place in your county.

Election Day is just 5 days away – and if you have your absentee ballot still sitting at home, please remember to vote, sign the back, and drop it in the mail today!

If you forget, you can always return it to any polling place on Tuesday, November 6. Either way – do not miss this very important election. You can find your polling place here.

Participating in the democratic process by making your voice heard on Election Day is crucial to make sure we help elect the best leaders to represent our values and support vital policies. Please encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to vote.

Reset proudly endorses Yes on Proposition 30, No on Proposition 32, Yes on Measure A – and be sure to read your ballot handbook so you can make an informed decision this November. See why Reset San Francisco founder Phil Ting endorses a strong NO vote on Prop 32 to protect California’s working families by watching this video below or on YouTube here.

Join the conversation happening on our Facebook page by commenting on this thread and tell us who you’re voting for.

But most importantly, remember to Vote Vote Vote!