By: Mahmoud Abunie

Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter have given politicians and campaigns new ways to learn about and connect with voters in the U.S. Now, with the help of Show of Hands, we have an app that will poll nearly anything and provide instant results on the respondents across race, gender, party affiliation, and income.

The app allows users to see demographic breakdown of poll participants along with their opinions on matters polled. To use as a respondent, you simply download the app, take the poll, then wait to see what others think with the demographic breakdown. We live in a data-driven era, and having an app that will offer instantaneous poll results could become an addictive pass time for the unsuspecting user.

The app is not only intended for everyday use for its consumers, but the developers also mean for it to drive conversations. It’s a way of engaging with peers on current events and important issues. It’s a way of making sure that we are all thinking beyond only ourselves and noticing what others are thinking. From political questions to non-essential questions, Show of Hands aims to incorporate all people.