By: Evan Brown

The deadline to register to vote in California is midnight tonight! Calling all procrastinators, intensely busy people, new citizens, 18-year-olds and those who just awoke from a big Friday night: The election is a mere two weeks away, and if you are a Californian who has not yet registered to vote but plan on casting a ballot, your last chance to sign up is midnight tonight!

But How Do I Register to Vote in California?!

Fear not, California’s got you covered. Thanks to recently passed legislation, you can now register to vote online through the California Secretary of State’s office. In its first week alone, over 400,000 Californians took advantage of the new system to make sure their voices are heard on Election Day. Perhaps not surprisingly, a survey of those new registrations reveal that a very high percentage are below the age of 26, showing once again that new technologies are helping to bring younger people into the realm of civic participation.

In the next few years it will be even easier to participate, as California law now allows voters to register through Election Day. However, that provision of the law will not take effect until 2014, meaning you still have to sign up today, Monday October 22, for your vote to count this year.

Well, unregistered Californians, why are you still reading this? Get registered now!