We wrote yesterday about the incredible Civic Return on Investment from supporting public parks – lower crime, higher property values and stronger economies are all direct benefits of great public parks.

As San Francisco works to support our public parks, two ideas have sparked hot debate – and we tested both of these ideas in the return of our regular Reset Poll.

A Clear Hunger for Food Carts

In typical San Francisco fashion, a few very talented community activists (and at least one semi-professional agent-provocateur, San Francisco’s favorite Chicken John) have been creating serious resistance to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department’s idea of putting private food carts in the public parks.

Some Reset posters have already weighed in on this one – supporting the idea of limited carts to activate the public space, make the parks safer and create new revenue for our cash-strapped parks. And on this debate, the 1720 respondents to our Reset Poll overwhelmingly agree – don’t stop the effort to put private food carts in public parks.

Since the city is already putting the carts in parks – we tested the question in the negative. Would you support a proposal to ban private food carts in public parks? Fully 50% strongly opposed this idea, 33% somewhat opposed the idea, just 8% strongly supported the ban and 10% somewhat supported banning private food carts in public parks.

That’s 83% no versus 18% yes on a potential measure to ban the carts. Pretty clear what would happen if that idea got to the ballot.

Mixed Reaction to a Golden Gate Park Curfew

Rec and Park has also floated the trial balloon of a curfew in Golden Gate Park – and the data is mixed on whether this idea will fly if it gets to the ballot (and doesn’t just about everything get to the ballot in San Francisco?).

On the curfew from 1 to 5 am in Golden Gate Park, 29% strongly support the idea, 26% somewhat support it, 20% strongly oppose the curfew and 24% somewhat oppose it.

That’s 54% in favor and 44% opposed to the current curfew plan. In the political world, that’s a wobbler.

One thing Reset has noticed – the ideas keep coming from McLaren Lodge. Some may be controversial, but better a few controversies than silence from our city government.

Government 2.0 shouldn’t be sleepy.

Speaking of controversies – one supervisor has floated the idea of sending a contract out to bid long held by everyone’s favorite garbage company. We’ll report on public reaction to that idea tomorrow.