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About Reset Rating – In the past decade, there has been an explosion of online services offered by government. But how beneficial are these services and resources? Are they actually easier than going to City Hall? The Reset Ratings offer a readout on these new online resources, evaluating their accessibility, ease of use, design, instructions, and feedback mechanisms, and gives them a report card grade.


How do I report a crime in San Francisco, online? The only thing worse than having your laptop stolen at a Peet’s is then having to go to the SFPD to file a report for that stolen laptop. SFPD now offers this service online…sort of… Reset Rating: D+


How do I pay for that parking ticket in San Francisco? That parking ticket you received while popping into the post office for just a second can now be paid online in less time than it took you to go into that post office. Reset Rating: A-


How do I license my dog in San Francisco?  It is illegal to own a dog in San Francisco without licensing your pet. To attempt to make it easier on dog owners, has created an online process so you don’t have to traipse to a vet or a city office to take care of this. Reset Rating: B


Crime Maps – How safe is my neighborhood? Moving to a new apartment in another SF neighborhood? CrimeMAPs is based on official police reports and provides, mostly, current information on, some, crimes in localities. Reset Rating: B+


How to purchase a SFMTA Parking Meter Card? 

For that Saturday picnic in Golden Gate Park, you no longer need pick up several pounds in quarters to feed the meter. You can now purchase parking meter cards online through the SFMTA. Reset Rating: B+



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