The Reset San Francisco team is excited to announce two new topics on – Arts & Culture and SF Favorites. ResetSF_Arts-CultureOn these subpages, we’ll focus on some of the elements that make San Francisco one of the greatest cities in the world. As a city, our Arts and Culture do more than make this a cool place to live – they
drive our local economy. We want to harness that incredible energy here. So log-in and join the conversation, take the poll and share your posts with friends on RESETSF_San-Francisco-FavoritesFacebook. Too often we focus on what’s going wrong in the city – pot holes, broken-down MUNI, self-serving politicians – but there are so many awesome things in San Francisco that we can’t forget to talk about. What’s your SF Favorite? Let us know. Share your favorite local musicians, neighborhood pubs, street food carts, art galleries, theaters and more on Arts & Culture. Rave about the good things on SF Favorites. What makes you the happiest about San Francisco? Is it the culture? The people? The weather? Watching the sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge? Something else? Share your stories by clicking the red “Join the Conversation” button on each page – and invite your friends to join the conversation, too. If you have feedback, questions or want to learn how to get involved, contact our team: [email protected].