We don't want the city to drop the ball on this one

Soccer enthusiasts rejoice – San Francisco may be home to a professional soccer team in the near future.

The appearance of a website named Bay Area Pro Soccer this week is the first real indication that a pro team may actually be heading to San Francisco. Although the website is still in its alpha phase, users are directed to input their contact information and team connection, as well as their ideas and comments. Bay Area Pro Soccer identifies as a “soccer startup,” a term that plays off of the city’s vibrant tech-culture.

This could be a game-changer for many soccer fans in San Francisco who have already pledged their allegiance to the one and only professional soccer team in the Bay Area, the San Jose Earthquakes. Rumors of a pro-team coming to the City by the Bay have been swirling for years – a dream of many that may actually come to fruition.

Several Bay Area tech leaders have also posted about the website in recent days, including Eventbrite CEO Kevin Hartz. This isn’t the first time this year that #bayareafutbol has been in the news. Earlier this year, the North American Soccer League met with San Francisco city officials and a group of Brazilian investors to discuss the league’s interest in San Francisco.

According to league insiders, San Francisco is the prime location for a pro soccer team due to the demographics of the Bay Area. As exciting as the appearance of this website may be, officials warn that it could take years to approve the construction of a new stadium. You can find more about soccer in SF here or learn more about the city’s semi-pro team here.