I know this is controversial.  First of all I love our city.  We are a little quirky but we have a clean, friendly city that is moderately easy to get around.    MUNI is generally cean and usually on time. (I am retired so I do not take it every day.)  I even find the person in the booth courteous and helpful. Our parks are beautiful but starting to show their age.  The streets I love are pot holed and in disrepair,  The school system is struggling.  So there is only one pot of money and something that really upsets me is the inequitable retirement age and pension amount and health care we support.  How do you plan for today when you are always paying off tomorrow.

Public employees are paid equal wages to the private section and in some cases more (see the new york times, et al) they retire earlier than most and game the system to get more at the end and them we pay a huge percentage of their salaries and health care for life.  They retire so early they then get another job and double dip

WE CAN’T AFFORD IT and it is unconscionable given the state of the economy.   We have transportation issues  education, seniors issues, infrastructure issues etc. AND only one budget.   I am waiting for a politician to take on the unions. Phil, are you that person.  Hoorah for Proposition D and let’s see more of them.   We really need to get this solved quickly. Every day puts us behind and it straight up is NOT FAIR.

I feel helpless to do anything and a victim of the unions.