CitiReport’s Larry Bush announced CitiReport’s app contest – in association with the CityCampSF Hackathon – for the best “open ethics” application for San Francisco. The winning app receives $1,000 – Now that’s an incentive for civic participation!

Accessibility, encouraged by transparency, is CitiReport’s goal for this app’s data use. With trackable information on city contracts, campaign contributions and other uses of government revenue, citizens will have a new tool to keep government accountable.

Reset San Francisco Founder Phil Ting recently reviewed the need for a Sunshine Site using an ethics API. That’s one of the reasons why we were so excited to hear about the CitiReport App contest. By crowdsourcing development, the app can be done faster and at a fraction of the cost of an internal process. At least that’s what we found when we crowdsourced our own Reset Tow Warning App, which was done in just a matter of weeks.

Please spread the word about CitiReport’s Ethics App Contest!

For more details about the CitiReport app contest and to suggest other app contest ideas, visit the CityCampSF Hackathon page.

Happy Apping!