You can now refill your Clipper Card at any of BART’s 302 ticket machines throughout the Bay Area. And while we are all thrilled to have more locations to refill our Clipper Cards, it does make us wonder, what took so long?

We have been covering The Clipper Card Disaster” from the beginning and were among the first to point out some of the major missteps in the introduction of the Clipper card program. Whether it is the ability to scam the system and carry a negative balance on your card or the inability to find a Clipper Card when the program was launched, the roll out has been far from perfect.

However, Reset isn’t just about pointing out when things go wrong, its also about giving credit when things are done right (even if it is a little late).

A Little Easier to Use the Clipper Card

Clipper Cards already account for roughly 30% of BART’s fare payments, this will likely increase with the addition of this new feature on BART ticket machines making it easier and more convenient to reload cards. The Clipper Card program has roughly 450,000 boardings per weekday, more than 100,000 of which are on BART.

With BART accounting for such a large percentage of Clipper Card use, one can only wonder why it is that the “all-in-one” transit cards were rolled out before all the transportation agencies were ready? Let’s hope that this is a sign of more positive changes to the Clipper Card program.