At our Reset Hot Button town hall on Muni reform, we asked San Franciscans to write down their top solutions and complaints for Muni on post-it notes. Members of the community shared their thoughts ranging from simple immediate solutions, like all-door boarding, to more detailed solutions, such as restructuring SFMTA bureaucracy. The post-it project was an exercise in offline crowdsourcing by soliciting community feedback of how we can improve Muni service.

We decided to digitize the post-it notes from the 300 community members who attended our Muni town-hall and created a “tag cloud” of their responses. The words with the highest frequency show up the largest in the image above.

Solution Tag Cloud

According to the community tag cloud, San Franciscans want solutions, like priority lanes for Muni buses, fewer bus stops and longer buses. They also want fare solutions, like discounted Muni ridership and functional Clipper Card readers.

Problem Tag Cloud

We also asked San Franciscans to write down what they thought was most problematic withMuni.

The results show that the community cares about resolving issues with fare payment, such asbroken Clipper Card readers and Clipper Cards not reloading properly. They discussed traffic issues and delays, unreliable NextMUNI prediction times and safety issues. This tag cloud exercise showed the power of offline crowdsourcing, by soliciting community input of the biggest issues Muni needs to address.

What do you think?

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