Many of us are already experts in BART delays.

You’re usually stuck in one of the tunnels with no service on your iPhone or BlackBerry when a voice comes over the intercom to let you know there are a few trains in front of us and we’ll be delayed – again.

But there’s a different kind of BART delay occurring right now. BART has missed its deadline to fully integrate the Clipper card into its fare system and is now facing the prospect of losing millions of dollars in grant funds as punishment.

The deadlines BART has missed include the March 1 deadline for “high-frequency” riders to be able to use Clipper cards with their discount and the May 1 deadline for seniors, youth and the disabled.

What is taking so long with the Clipper cards?

BART’s missed deadlines mean that youth, seniors and the disabled can’t use Clipper cards for BART and get their discount. So, if they use MUNI or AC Transit or another transit option that does take Clipper, they still have to use their BART passes to ride BART.

BART says it has a “contingency” plan in place that will enable it to avoid losing any funding. But that’s not the point. The point is to pay attention to the rider experience – and riders right now are struggling with one more Clipper card problem.

BART has been experimenting with “Crowdsourcing” feedback on issues like their new seats. Here’s another way to Crowdsource – VOTE. All of BART’s Board of Directors are elected by us. You can always ask them what their “contingency plan” is for dealing with us.