November 16, 2011

By: Angelie Agarwal and Julie Hayes

We were thrilled when the good folks at Reset San Francisco called in reinforcements to weigh in on transit etiquette as a follow-up to their recent post about Muni Manners! As loyal riders of San Francisco public transit, we Muni Ladies have seen our commutes change with the rise of iPods and the fall of public decorum. And, when fuel prices and mass transit ridership approached an all-time high, we really felt the squeeze on BART and Muni. In an effort to improve our commutes and bring some civility back to public transportation, we pulled together An Etiquette Guide for the Mass Transit Savvy that shares simple rules of the road with a modern twist. The perfect stocking stuffer for your public transit riding pals, this handbook serves as a solid reminder for new or seasoned local travelers. Guiding their way from entrance to exit and everything in between.

And as you finalize your naughty or nice list, we’ll leave you with one important etiquette rule as we enter the holiday season: cover your coughs, sneezes and yawns. Good hygiene and health manners are appreciated anytime and anyplace but never more so than in the cramped quarters of public transportation. Respiratory etiquette states you should cover your mouth to avoid spreading germs on mass transit. If you don’t have a tissue, your sleeve will do. So, the next time you’re waiting to exhale, spare the air by coughing up your own sneeze guard.

Happy Holidays,

The SF Muni Ladies
Angelie Agarwal & Julie Hayes