One key to improving MUNI is simple — improve frequency and on-time performance.  Well I know that is way easier said then done.  But on several of the lines, only modest tweaks would help improve service tremendously.  Take the 44 O’shaughnessy, for example.  The 44 goes from Hunters Point to the Richmond around California St. via Silver Ave, O’shaughnessy, 7th, through Golden Gate Park.  I take it along Silver Ave to get to the Glen Park BART station.  In the morning commute hours during the school year, it rarely stops along Silver Ave in my neighborhood because the bus is already too full.  I either have to walk all the way down to Mission St to catch it (when a whole lot of people get off) or I just walk all the way to the BART station.  This option is OK sometimes, but not OK when it is raining or when I was pregnant.  I can’t tell you how infuriating it is to have to stand around on the corner while pregnant, waiting for a bus empty enough to stop to pick you up.  A couple times I had to watch 3 busses go by before one stopped at my stop.  How hard is it really to add a couple buses during peak commute hours??  How is it that I can’t get from my neighborhood to the BART station during peak commute hours in a convenient manner?