San Franciscans have a lot of choices for getting around our beautiful city – we can walk, bike, take the Muni or drive. But what’s the fastest choice? The cheapest? The healthiest? The most environmentally aware?

Now there’s an app to find out.

With the use of a new Smartphone web application called, we can (almost instantly) calculate travel times, costs, calories burned and carbon emissions created for travel choices.

Currently available with full features in just San Francisco and Seattle, is asking us to consider multiple factors and data points as we plan our travel.

Cynics will see as a gimmick. But at Reset we think we get the point. It is more of our love of better living through better information. And it has a certain hint of Gamification – turning your normal travels into a contest of burning the most calories or creating the fewest carbon emissions while still struggling to get there on time.

Check it out and let us know what you think at