On November 1, mayoral candidate Phil Ting and the Reset San Francisco community successfully ran a L-Taraval Muni Express Bus from 46th Avenue at Taraval Street to Downtown San Francisco – an idea generated from one Muni rider at our town hall when riders heard about the successful and well-regarded NX-Judah Express. Our express bus pilot project is designed to show Muni that it is possible to take commuters from the Sunset to Downtown San Francisco quickly and comfortably.

Over the past few months, we’ve held ten Muni town hall meetings throughout the city to bring San Franciscans together to crowdsource solutions and ideas to improve Muni. One of the chief frustrations of riders at these many town halls has been the slow pace of Muni reform. San Franciscans have been advocating for faster implementation of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Transit Effectiveness Project – a system wide study to make Muni faster and more reliable. We don’t think we should have to wait years for reforms to occur. Simple ideas, like more express service, can get the country’s slowest major transit system moving faster and more reliably.


What Did We Learn From Our LX Pilot Project?

It’s tough being a Muni driver. Phil Ting and our team sat in the front seat and witnessed the frustration of double parked cars, morning commute traffic and other anomalies that were outside our control. And although we were close, our on-time performance rate was not 100%.

See photos on our Facebook page here.

We Learned And We’re Doing It Again – That’s What Pilot Projects Are All About. Will You Join Us?

On November 7, Phil Ting and our team are going to try a different route and report back what we’ve learned. We hope you can join us for Part Deux. We’ll have free coffee and a free ride downtown. See you in the morning.

Here are the pick up times:

• 40th and Taraval – 7:45AM (map)
• Sunset and Taraval – 7:48AM (map)
• 32nd and Taraval – 7:52AM (map)
• 22nd and Taraval – 7:56AM (map)
• 19th and Taraval – 8:00AM (map)

Here are the drop-off points:

• Civic Center – 8:35AM (map)
• Powell – 8:38AM (map)
• Montgomery – 8:41AM (map)
• Embarcadero – 8:45AM (map)

RSVP today and reserve your seat. See you on Monday!