Like Cinderella, in San Francisco the party can often stop at Midnight.

That is, if you’re a BART rider enjoying the myriad nightlife activities in and around San Francisco.

But, under a new proposal OK’d by BART’s Board of Directors last week, that may all change. The proposal seeks to add an extra hour to BART’s schedule on Friday nights – leaving the end-of-the-line station at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning instead of midnight on Friday. The new plan would begin in September and would run on a six-month trial basis. It proposes keeping two additional trains in operation – traveling 30 minutes apart – on all BART lines and servicing all stations.

For years, BART riders and city-goers have been clamoring to add later service to BART trains. During an “Ask the Expert” webisode last year on Reset San Francisco, questions on this particular topic were brought up by members of the Reset community. There’s even a Facebook page called “Make BART Trains Run 24 Hours” that has over 23,000 fans. We urge you to join, as well. The idea of late night or even 24-hour service has been experimented with before, but it never stuck, as the demand simply wasn’t there. But the idea has been gaining more traction recently and the BART Board of Directors has agreed to study it further.

Let BART know what you think. You can join the 24-hour BART page, or email BART directly here.