We’ve already given you our Muni Survival Kit, but it has come to our attention that perhaps one of the easiest things we can do to Reset Muni starts with establishing some basic Muni Manners. Now we aren’t pointing any fingers (Chiubacca), but we think that we could all benefit from an etiquette tutorial that would make Emily Post proud. NYC has their own public transportation etiquette signs. And we think that a good dose of our own Muni Manners might make Muni a more enjoyable ride for all of us. So here are Reset’s 10 easy steps to bring a bit more civility to public transit:

1. Try to stay in your designated seat space.

That’s what the dividing lines are for. We don’t know about you, but we aren’t fans of being touched by strangers, especially before coffee in the morning or before happy hour drinks in the evening. Please keep it on your side of the seat.


2. Get up for old people and pregnant ladies.

We get it — we work long hours too, but seriously folks have some respect. Besides, trying to stay upright on a crowded Muni is a great workout! We also support chivalrous gentlemen who give up their seats for ladies in 4-inch heels.


3. Turn it down.

We love music, too, and we know that sometimes rocking out is a necessary part of a Muni Survival Kit. But please make sure only you can hear your Lady Gaga. This also goes for singing and humming.


4. Please shut up.

The whole bus does not need to hear your phone conversation. In fact we think cell phone conversations should be kept to a minimum. We don’t particularly care that Jenny and Jake broke up or that some guy from your office stole your client.


5. Don’t bring smelly food on the bus.

This is especially true if it is delicious, smelly food. It’s just cruel.


6. Keep personal grooming and hygiene activities at home. 

While we are incredibly impressed by your ability to apply mascara on Muni without blinding yourself — Muni is not your bathroom. Putting on makeup, flossing your teeth or clipping fingernails/toenails is not okay.


7. Don’t be a creep.

Don’t stare at people no matter how attractive/crazy/weird they may be. It’s creepy. If you have to do it at least wear dark sunglasses or pretend to read a book. This also applies to watching your hands. Muni is crowded, but that is no excuse for unnecessary contact. Keep your hands to yourself.


8. Pay your fare share.

And please have your Clipper Card, cash or transfer ready when Muni arrives. You’ve had like 30 minutes waiting for Muni to finally show up to prepare for this. Let’s get it together.


9. Move to the back when Muni is crowded.

It’s going to suck no matter where you stand, so you might as well make room for others.


10. No, after you.

Simple law of physics — two bodies cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Always let exiting passengers leave the train before you board. It’s the safe and courteous thing to do.