Muni is always trying to improve service for the citizens of San Francisco, and here at Reset we have written about the various improvements Muni has made over the years. From creating a ticketing app, to putting ourselves in Muni’s budget czar’s shoes, we have explored the city service that affects the most San Franciscans on an everyday basis.

But now, Muni Forward is looking to residents for their input. They have created a survey to collect your feedback on how to improve the L Taraval, a train that services many San Franciscans who live and work in the West Portal and Sunset neighborhoods. They have proposed several new safety and reliability treatments, including the addition of boarding islands, transit-only lanes, and stop consolidation at eight intersections allowing the L to travel the same distance in less time.

SFMTA cites pedestrian collisions on Taraval as one of the inciting factors for the line improvements, as they are some of the highest in the city, but also because the L has one of the highest weekday ridership numbers of all their trains.

So help the SF Transportation Authority make public transit work better! Take the survey and give your input about what would most improve our city.