Last week mayoral candidate Phil Ting and Reset San Francisco cohosted the first Hot Button panel discussion on fixing Muni. Three transit experts (Greg Dewar of the N-Judah Chronicles, Joel Ramos and Tim Papandreou) gathered at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park with hundreds of San Franciscans to discuss problems and solutions for Muni.

It was an incredible event – with nearly 300 San Franciscans gathered to hear facts and share ideas.

Since the beginning, Reset San Francisco has been about crowdsourcing solutions to problems facing San Franciscans and giving San Franciscans a voice in their city and government. We are working to hit the reset button on the city’s governing structure and keep our politicians in check. The problems of our transit infrastructure remain a key concern for all San Franciscans, which is why the inaugural Hot Button event was devoted to Muni.

There was an incredible number of ideas and content generated at the event, which we will be sharing with you this week. But here’s a starter some folks were asking for – the PowerPoint Phil shared at the beginning of the evening highlighting keys facts and data from the SFMTA’s Transit Effectiveness Project report. It’s available here.