What’s the top performing San Francisco transit that desperately needs your support?

That’s right, it’s Caltrain. Reset San Francisco has a great transportation fact sheet that says some 10,000 vehicles go in and out of the city from the Peninsula by 280 and 101 every work day. This can be compared to more than 11,000 daily boardings onto Caltrain within San Francisco. Can you imagine what would happen if Caltrain went under or, as it threatened to do last year, cut its service by half?

Happily, a huge outpouring of support led to Caltrain maintaining its full service. Good thing, since ridership has continued to surge up to 45,000 daily workday boardings – many trains are packed every day. Farebox recovery is over 40%, up to 50%, one of the top two in the Bay Area.

Yet Caltrain is the only major transit system in the Bay Area with no dedicated funding. San Francisco is our region’s leader in transit use – it must step up to take regional leadership to SAVE CALTRAIN!

Join MTA Chair Tom Nolan and Board Member Cheryl Brinkman and key Caltrain staff in this critical regional movement to restore great Bay Area transit!

Yoriko Kishimoto, former Mayor of Palo Alto and co-founder of Friends of Caltrain
[email protected]