As we prepare for our Muni Town Hall Tuesday night, the Reset crew was re-reading the in-depth diagnosis of what ails our Municipal Railway that the SF Weekly first published last year.

They called it the “Muni Death Spiral” and the facts in here sure are enough to make your head spin.

Did you know that the Muni is the slowest major transit system in the nation and that it only averages 8.1 miles per hour?

We are not only slow – we are expensive. It costs almost twice as much to operate a Muni bus or streetcar than it does to operate transit in most other cities.

And not only is Muni bringing us down – it is bringing our city’s whole budget down. At the time the story was written, Muni’s overtime budget accounted for 45 percent of the city’s total overtime costs.

It is all worth another read. And (shameless plug) one of the talented co-authors will be part of our panel Tuesday night. We hope to see you Tuesday as we take on the Muni issue in our town hall. You can RSVP here.