It seems that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has been getting a bit of a bad rap for a while now, so I was quite pleased to see this story about working to get more taxis on San Francisco streets at the times that we need them most. The MTA has asked the “Taxi Advisory Council to prepare a test program that would put more taxis on the streets during the busiest times of the week.” This is the kind of no-brainer, common sense policy that could really improve the daily lives of many San Franciscans. Like many of us, I’ve stood outside…in the rain…for 15 minutes, half hour, 45 minutes waiting for cabs that already have people in them or have their lights off or just simply don’t stop. It just makes no sense to have the same amount of cabs on the streets at 2:00pm on a Tuesday as 9:00pm on a Friday, or even at 6:00pm on any given week night when people are getting off work. I hope to see this plan be as successful in practice as it sounds in theory.