On Wednesday, the vote over new Muni contracts between SFMTA and the Transport Working Union Local 250-A, a 2,200-member union, comes after more than four months of negotiation. The new contract states that overtime can only happen after a minimum of forty-hours and freeze in wage if an operator’s license is not valid.

Proposition G, which was passed last fall, gives more power to SFMTA to help control the second highest wage for operators in the nation.

Muni, San Francisco’s busiest public transportation, is ridden more 700,000 times day and runs on a $775 million annual budget. After a anticipated cut of $26 million a year it has still found a way to cut $7 million a year over the next three years with this new contract.

If this new contract is not approved this will go into a binding arbitration which not only may turn out to be a worst deal, but also shows a lack of trust with the SFMTA and the public.