In 2008 the SFMTA completed a comprehensive study of Muni known as the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP). The TEP contained a wealth of information and recommendations about how to make Muni faster and more reliable. While the plan is encouraging, almost none of the TEP findings have been put into effect. The delay is partly due to budgetary constraints, but the key impediment has been the time necessary for the environmental review process as required by the California Environmental Quality Act  (CEQA). Now the SFMTA is working with the San Francisco Planning Department to begin the environmental review of the TEP in order to comply with CEQA.

We’ve been advocates for the TEP for a while. You can see Phil Ting’s PowerPoint highlighting some of the TEP’s key findings here. Phil Ting held town halls across the city to discuss TEP recommendations for individual lines with Muni riders. We crowdsourced this information into a Citizens’ Response to the TEP. We think riders know what is working and what needs fixing on their own lines.

These upcoming hearings are our chance to stay engaged as rider advocates.

We All Need To Be Advocates For A Better Muni

The SFMTA is holding a public meeting tonight, December 7 so you can get a sense of the proposal as it exists today and weigh in on the impact of the TEP proposed changes.

If you cannot attend you can still follow the environmental process and reports online. All environmental documents will be hosted here.

SFMTA Public Meeting Details

Where: One South Van Ness Ave., Floor 2

When: 6:30 pm on Wednesday, December 7