By: Victoria Holliday

SFMTA proposes to add more cabs to San Francisco streets.The SFMTA is proposing to add more cabs to San Francisco’s streets by adding 125 taxi permits, which would increase the city’s fleet of cabs by 8%. Maybe you won’t need those cab apps after all!

San Francisco cab drivers don’t want more taxis on the street… But do you?

While the news of extra cabs sounds great to anyone who has ever tried to get a cab in San Francisco on a Friday night or, god forbid, in the rain – it isn’t sitting so well with San Francisco cab drivers.

The news of more drivers comes a month after cab drivers staged a strike to protest increased credit card fees. The city’s proposed fee increases and extra cabs seem to upset cab drivers because they feel the city’s measure hurt their bottom line. Drivers lament that the city’s 7,000 cab drivers are sufficient and competition for fares is already hard enough.

Drivers are not likely to get any sympathy from San Franciscans. A SF Weekly poll showed that over 80% of people favored adding more cabs to San Francisco streets. This sentiment was also echoed on Reset San Francisco’s Facebook page.

Reset will be following the proposed cab increase as well as the 24-hour cab strike scheduled on August 2. Stay tuned for more information.