Muni_Bus_Crash_SidewalkIt’s been just over two weeks since former San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency executive director Nat Ford was carried away by his $384,000 golden parachute and SFMTA has yet to produce a timeline for appointing a new head of their oft-maligned agency.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t being proactive about finding a new hire.Finding someone to lead and fix the SFMTA might be as hard as finding a train that doesn’t break down. You can make your voice heard through SFMTA’s survey.

SFMTA has put out an online survey – yes a survey – to determine what is most important to those of us who frequently utilize its services.

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The questions range from “What should the top focus of the ED/CEO be?” to ranking desired character qualities of the new CEO.

While it’s nice to know SFMTA is listening to us – or at the very least, feigning to listen – a lot of these questions seem fairly common sense. Does SFMTA really need a survey to tell it that San Franciscans want efficient, effective and reliable service on clean, working buses and trains? It doesn’t seem that difficult to figure out. Although, we do appreciate the fact that they are crowdsourcing part of this process in a Web 2.0-ish way.

So, take a moment to fill out the survey and help SFMTA find its perfect candidate. Or, at least, a candidate…