Cash Strapped SF has placed and additional 5,000. meters in San Francisco most of the newer ones are no where near business – particularly businesses that rely on customer Turn over for business. A good example of this would be the new parking meters along Fell Street (which was formerly no parking permit parking) where the only businesses are Auto Body and Auto repair shops – hardly businesses that would ever want or need turn over to increase business! Additionally, they recently put meters down Herman Alley – very difficult to find and there are absolutely no business’s in this Area.

These meters are hurting these businesses, keeping customers away. Additionally they also degrading the quality of life in my neighborhood and those of other neighborhoods around San Francisco. My theory: As more people get rid of their cars SF ups the number of meters in order to keep supply low and keep writing those tickets.

Instead of angrily posting here – Please write to your district supervisor and demand change as they did in Oakland!