The Chronicle is reporting that the Board of Supervisors is pushing hard to trim MUNI’s overtime budget – and MUNI boss Nat Ford is pushing back.

Ford says overtime “is not a four letter word.” The supervisors, who swear they mean it this time, say they want to cut the overtime budget down to size once and for all. One Supervisor calls it like being in the old TMC cable staple Groundhog Day – waking up again and again to the same old routine from our Municipal Railway.

Reset thinks if we are looking for movie metaphors, it might be more appropriate to reference the enduring classic Casablanca. Somehow it feels like the Supervisors are “Shocked, just Shocked” to find overtime abuse.

Did you know that the entire Board of Supervisors sits as part of something called the San Francisco County Transportation Authority – a kind of parallel authority overseeing transportation in the county? Their mission includes “overseeing transportation planning for the city.” This is a group that is separate from the similarly named San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – the folks who “run” Muni day to day.

Why San Francisco needs two of everything is another story. But let’s see if any of the supervisors plan to do something about overtime when the cameras are not turned on. The Authority meets once a month, the fourth Tuesday of every month at 11:00 am at City Hall.