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In a city as dense as San Francisco, safe and reliable transportation is not a luxury – it is a basic necessity. Over 200 million passengers a year rely on MUNI to commute to work and get around our city. In fact, San Francisco residents depend on public transportation more than individuals from any other county in the Bay Area. We have all experienced the frustration of MUNI service cuts, fare hikes and inaccessibility. As we watch our rates go up, our services continue to go down. It’s time to get serious about finding real solutions.

BART expects $28 million surplus next year

What to do with this extra cash? If Governor Jerry Brown's $611 million budget is approved, BART officials are proposing to spend it on new seat covers and cushions, …
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Need a Taxi Cab in San Francisco? MTA Wants an App for That

It’s late. And dark. And maybe starting to sprinkle a little.

All you want to do is get home. Or get to the Giants game before Lincecum’s first pitch. Or…go …
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MUNI now traveling in the subway with the doors open. Great.

Soooo, here’s a totally normal video…a MUNI subway car – the outbound L-Taraval train that was travelling between Van Ness and Church Street stations – was caught on video with …
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Holy Potholes!

According to this recent article in 7×7 Magazine, SF Streets are the second worst in the nation. What?!

I don’t drive but I do ride the bus, catch cabs, and …
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The Clipper Card Disaster

Why the new Clipper Card system is actually making the SF Municipal Railway worse

by: Eric Jaye The Clipper Card sounds like a great idea – until you use it. …
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San Francisco Taxi Cabs Must be Used More Efficiently
13 years ago

San Francisco Taxi Cabs Must be Used More Efficiently

By: Ben Shore

Many of us have stood along the Embarcadero, around Union Square or outside Pier 39 on a rainy and cold San Francisco evening waiting patiently for a …
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