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In a city as dense as San Francisco, safe and reliable transportation is not a luxury – it is a basic necessity. Over 200 million passengers a year rely on MUNI to commute to work and get around our city. In fact, San Francisco residents depend on public transportation more than individuals from any other county in the Bay Area. We have all experienced the frustration of MUNI service cuts, fare hikes and inaccessibility. As we watch our rates go up, our services continue to go down. It’s time to get serious about finding real solutions.

Is Congestion Pricing a Good Idea?

The Transportation Authority has been proposing various congestion pricing models in the past.  A few years ago, they proposed a plan which London uses and New York piloted which was …
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Clipper Card BART scams

Today’s edition of The Examiner has an article about the Clipper Card scam that has been affecting the BART system lately.

Apparently, the BART system is losing money because …
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Frequency and on-time performance

One key to improving MUNI is simple — improve frequency and on-time performance.  Well I know that is way easier said then done.  But on several of the lines, only …
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Clipper Card

The rollout of the clipper card has in my opinion been a failure although it is a great step toward a more efficient regional transit system.  The card should be …
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