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In a city as dense as San Francisco, safe and reliable transportation is not a luxury – it is a basic necessity. Over 200 million passengers a year rely on MUNI to commute to work and get around our city. In fact, San Francisco residents depend on public transportation more than individuals from any other county in the Bay Area. We have all experienced the frustration of MUNI service cuts, fare hikes and inaccessibility. As we watch our rates go up, our services continue to go down. It’s time to get serious about finding real solutions.

Proposition 26 keeps MUNI’s hands tied

While the November 2010 mid-term election saw many progressive victories in California – like sending Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris to Sacramento and beating back Proposition 23 – …
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SF MTA Getting Smarter with Taxis?

It seems that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has been getting a bit of a bad rap for a while now, so I was quite pleased to see this …
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San Francisco Transit Riders Weigh In on MUNI Reforms


Reset San Francisco’s new survey on public transit in San Francisco reveals widespread approval for proposed reforms to increase the speed and efficiency of the Municipal Railway, but …
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Love commuter benefits for bicyclists

I think commuter benefits to bicyclists are great, I’m so glad they were saved from being cut, and I think they should be higher. Incentivizing biking in SF and in …
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Real Time updates for MUNI busses?

It seems like it happens more times than not. When I need to catch a MUNI, I’ll go online to the MTA website, type in my starting address, destination address …
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The new Parking Meters in and around Hayes Valley, the mission etc….

Cash Strapped SF has placed and additional 5,000. meters in San Francisco most of the newer ones are no where near business – particularly businesses that rely on customer Turn …
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