Reset SF is excited to share the winner of our first #CommunityCamera photo contest!

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of Community Camera, our new weekly photo contest.

As we explained in our launch announcement, each week we’re asking readers to share a photograph that they think best captures the spirit of community within San Francisco or the broader Bay Area.

Our First Champion

Today we’re excited to reveal the first winner of Reset San Francisco‘s Community Camera photo contest.

The title goes to Deco Carter, better known to his passengers and social media followers as “Hip-Hop Lyft.”

As Pandodaily made clear in a profile of him a few years ago, “Carter is no average Lyft driver.”

“Carter runs a themed ride, where he plays old school hip hop for his passengers — MC Hammer, Naughty by Nature, Ice Cube — and offers up candy and water bottles.

“For those riding along who seem open to a little fun, Carter has a trunk full of prizes they can win by playing Hip-Hop Lyft trivia. On the way to their destination, Carter quizzes them. ‘What city did Tupac Shakur die in?’ ‘Lil Wayne’s record label?’ ‘Snoop Dogg’s real name?’

“He’s got a robust knowledge of hip hop facts and figures, having rapped and emceed in the 90s. The passengers who get the last question right can choose from sunglasses, bandannas, necklaces, pimp canes, Red Vines, or whatever else Carter has stocked up on for the night’s ride.”

In a recent tweet that accompanied his winning photo, Carter explained that Hip-Hop Lyft trivia is a great way to meet new people and build connections.

The Winning Photo

Without further ado, here is the winning photo from Carter (a.k.a. Hip-Hop Lyft):

Community Camera Winner: Hip-Hop Lyft

Photo caption:  and making new just another day at the office lol ?

Community Camera via Reset SF

How to Enter the Community Camera Contest

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our first #CommunityCamera photo contest!

If you’d like to toss your hat in the ring for next week’s contest, there are two easy ways to enter:

  1. Send us your picture via email at [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and a description of what’s happening in the photo.
  2. Share your picture with us via Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you tag us at @ResetSF and include the hashtag #CommunityCamera in your post, so we can find it!

Each week, we’ll announce the winner of the previous week’s contest and feature their image on our website and social media channels.

Please submit your entry by 11:59 PM on Monday, September 12 to be eligible for the next week’s contest.


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