Our voter guide includes everything San Francisco voters need to know about the November 8, 2016 election.

As you are no doubt aware by now, there’s an election happening on November 8, 2016.

In this election, voters will face a choice regarding the President of the United States.

(In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, the candidates representing the country’s two major political parties are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.)

Voters in San Francisco will also be choosing amongst a number of candidates for state office and local elected positions.

In addition to all of these elected officials, San Franciscans will find 17 state ballot measures and 25 local propositions on the ballot.

Feeling overwhelmed by the choices ahead of you, or the voting process in general? Don’t worry – Reset San Francisco is here to help!

[UPDATE: To find out which state ballot measures and local propositions were approved and which were defeated, as well as the outcome of local, state, and national races, check out our full listing of the 2016 election results.]

CA Ballot Measures

Reset San Francisco Voter Guide

This guide contains the information you need to make informed decisions regarding the 2016 election.

We’ve done our best to include everything you need to know while also leaving out anything you don’t really need.

We know your time is valuable and want to help you make informed voting decisions in as short a time as possible so you can get back to everything else you’ve got going on in life!

Register to Vote

Voter Registration

The first step to voting in California is registering! Here’s how to register to vote.

Unfortunately, the deadline to register was October 24, 2016. So, if you’re not already registered, you won’t be able to vote in the November 8 election.

Check Your Registration Online

Not sure if you’re registered?

The CA Secretary of State’s office has a voter status tool that will allow you to see if you are registered to vote, and if so, in what county.

If you want to check your registration status within the City and County of San Francisco specifically, the San Francisco Department of Elections also has a handy online tool.

San Francisco early voting

How and Where to Vote

Not sure about all of your options for voting in San Francisco?

This article explains how and where to vote, including:

California propositions - Complete list of state ballot measures

CA State Ballot Measures

In addition to voting for officials at the local, state, and national level, San Franciscans will face a decision on more than a dozen state ballot initiatives.

Here is a complete list of all 17 statewide measures that will appear on the ballot, including:

  • Prop 61 – Controversial measure to limit prices on state-purchased prescription drugs
  • Two propositions related to the death penalty: Prop 62 to abolish capitol punishment in California and Prop 66 to streamline and speed up the appeals process
  • Prop 64 to legalize recreational use of marijuana by adults 21 years of age and older
  • Two measures related to plastic carry out bags: Prop 65 and Prop 67

San Francisco propositions - Complete list of local ballot measures

San Francisco Propositions

In addition to the 17 state ballot initiatives, San Franciscans also face a decision on more than two dozen local propositions.

Here is a complete list of all 25 local measures that will appear on the ballot this year, including:

  • Prop F, which would lower the voting age to 16 years old for local office and ballot measures
  • Prop N, which would allow non-citizen residents who are the parent or legal guardian of a child living in the San Francisco Unified School District to vote for members of the Board of Education
  • Prop Q – Controversial “Housing Not Tents” measure that has the San Francisco Board of Supervisors divided
  • Prop V – Tax on soda and other sugary beverages

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